Landscape Photography Calendars 2013

Landscape Photography Calendars 2013

by Lee Duguid, November 27, 2012
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A great gift for a loved one or yourself, what better way to stay organised than with an inspirational 2013 Calendar. This first calendar is a mixture of new and old work from all over the world. I’m selling it at cost as I would prefer you to have it and enjoy my work than make a few dollars after Redbubble has taken its cut. Enjoy 12 great images for $26.40 plus postage.

Standard Shipping
US – 14-Dec-2012
Canada – 11-Dec-2012
Australia – 12-Dec-2012
UK/Eur – 10-Dec-2012

Express Shipping
US – 18-Dec-2012
Canada – 16-Dec-2012
Australia – 14-Dec-2012
UK/Eur – 13-Dec-2012

Lee Duguid Photography 2013 Calendar – $26.40 (cost price)

New Zealand Calendar – $34.80

Sydney’s Northern Beaches Calendar – $34.80

Australian Calendar – $34.80

Europe Calendar – $34.80

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