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Landscape Photography Calendars 2013
A great gift for a loved one or yourself, what better way to stay organised than with an inspirational 2013 Calendar. This first calendar is a mixture of new and old work from all over the world. I’m selling it at cost as I would prefer you to have it and enjoy my work than […]

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Date: November 27, 2012
Shooting RAW – my first ever RAW photograph
I’ve been browsing my archives over the last few days looking for specific photos to add to a series I’m doing. I came across what appears to be my first ever RAW file captured back in July, 2006. Now I shoot exclusively in RAW so this was a momentous occasion marking a stepping stone in […]

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Date: June 18, 2012
B+W 10 stop (3.0) ND filter ND-110
I’ve had the B+W 10 stop 3.0 ND filter for a few months now and thought I would give it a whirl on a recent trip to NZ. In retrospect I should have played with it before I left or even researched other peoples experiences, needless to say I had mixed results. Since then I’ve […]

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Date: January 17, 2010

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