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Vivid Sydney 2013 Timelapse
Thought I should finally post my Vivid Sydney 2013 timelapse on my blog. I actually posted this on my Facebook page a few weeks back and was thrilled to see all the Likes, Comments and Shares. The Vivid Sydney 2013 timelapse was shot over a couple of nights, well mostly one, the other night was […]

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Date: July 15, 2013
Photography Competitions Landscape Photographer Hangout
The third Google+ Landscape Photographer live hangout was held a couple weeks back with Australia landscape photographers Lee Duguid (me), Jérôme Berbigier, and Antonio Ranieri. In this session we discussed photography competitions, what competitions we enter, why we enter them, and our general thoughts about this aspect of photography. All comments can be viewed over […]

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Date: March 21, 2013
13 inch Macbook Air review Photo Editing Photoshop
After much deliberating I finally took the plunge and got a Apple Macbook Air. With all the travel I have coming up over the next two years it was time to go portable. For the last six months I’ve been lugging my 27 inch iMac to my Photoshop courses and with some further afield courses […]

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Date: February 12, 2013
Colour Space for Web – Setting Colour Space in Photoshop or Lightroom
A mistake we all have to learn from is uploading images to the web in the wrong colour space. I was doing this a few years back and couldn’t figure out why there was such a large colour shift between Photoshop and what was viewable on the web (including my website and Flickr). So what was going […]

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Date: January 23, 2013
Photo Critique Landscape Photographer Hangout
The second Google+ Landscape Photographer live hangout was held a couple weeks back where a bunch of Australia landscape photographers Lee Duguid, Kah Kit Yoong, Jérôme Berbigier, Ricardo Da Cunha & Everlook Photography invited viewers to submit images for critique. Take a look at all the submitted images over on where the hangout was […]

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Date: January 21, 2013
Lee Duguid Photography 2012 Highlights
It’s amazing to think what I have achieved over the last year, I didn’t realise the number of great photos (in my opinion) I had taken until I put this video together. Thanks to everyone that has taken an interest in my photography. There are some exciting times coming up so please stick around for […]

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Date: December 24, 2012
Claustral Canyon, Blue Mountains National Park
Well what to say about the amazing Claustral Canyon…first up a word of warning. For anyone that might be inspired to venture to Claustral Canyon please note doing so is extremely dangerous and has resulted in death for a number of people. It should only be undertaken by those who are fit and experienced in […]

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Date: December 12, 2012
Landscape Photographer Hangout
Thursday (29th November 2012) evening I had the pleasure of hosting an online Google+ Hangout with some of Australia’s leading landscape photographers: Kah Kit Yoong, Jérôme Berbigier, Ricardo Da Cunha & Everlook Photography. This involved us talking shop for almost 2 hours and broadcasting it live on YouTube. We covered some great capture tips, taked […]

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Date: November 30, 2012
Focus Awards 2012
I’ve only spent one evening in my entire life at a camera club meeting. I never found the desire or need to be part of one. The closest I have got to this sort of community has been with the Focus Flickr group. They are a great bunch of guys, and with almost 500 members […]

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Date: November 13, 2012
Photoshop post processing workflow
Yes I use photoshop, most photographers do these days. Is it cheating, no….if you would like to hear my justification here it is: Do you use photoshop? How much Photoshop do I use? Well I’ll let you decide, here’s a video starting from the output of my RAW file, gradually adding each layer to the […]

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Date: October 29, 2012
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