Bradleys Head, Sydney, Australia - Dolphins

Bradleys Head, Sydney, Australia – Dolphins

by Lee Duguid, June 3, 2012
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | travel stories | Bradleys Head, Sydney, Australia – Dolphins

I had little hope for a decent sunset on Friday when I headed over to Bradleys Head. It could have been brilliant but it had really set in and there were no breaks in the cloud cover for the sun to peak through. I will have to visit this great spot again for the shot I had in mind, a panoramic of this view. I love that I can live in a city and still see nature and beauty at my door step. Bradleys Head was visited by a pod of dolphins, not something you see everyday and a pleasant surprise. The footage I took at the start is a bit shaky as I scrambled to get my camera out and film them before they left. Good old Sydney ferry’s plowed straight through them. I guess they are fast enough to get out of they way even though it didn’t look like it. They soon returned undeterred by the interruption.

Bradleys Head, Sydney

[vimeo clip_id=”43322194″ width=”700″ height=”” vspace=”25″]
Bradleys Head – Dolphins


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