Day turns to night - North Curl Curl

Day turns to night – North Curl Curl

by Lee Duguid, October 31, 2012
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | travel stories | Day turns to night – North Curl Curl

This shot came to me the other day for some reason and Sunday was the day to shoot it. What you are looking at is a transition from day to night. The right hand side of the image was photographed at sunset which casts a beautiful warming light, the left light by the almost full moon creating a much colder feel.

For once I arrived early to shoot this, I guess I over compensated for not have the car and left to cycle there a bit early. This gave me some time to play with composition and clean my gear for once. Speaking of which I must charge my camera batteries, they almost ran out on Sunday which wouldn’t have been all too clever. Setting up for sunset I then proceeded to take the same series of images every 10-20 minutes from the exact same location for over an hour. The camera and tripod where left as is until the sun had completely gone and the stars started to appear. The results were then blended in Photoshop. This isn’t the most exciting shoot I’ve ever done (not as bad as this one in the Blue Mountains) but the results are just fantastic. I must do more of these!


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