Long Reef - Dee Why Beach

Long Reef – Dee Why Beach

by Lee Duguid, July 26, 2012
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | travel stories | Long Reef – Dee Why Beach

As I drive about I often look up to the sky to see what the weather is doing (I can be easily distracted). Even if I’m not out photographing I still try to predict what the sunset will be like to better my understanding. The more I know about the weather the more likely I will be to get those special shots and save myself some wasted trips. I knew this evening held something special so I headed to where the best of the cloud cover was, Long Reef, Sydney. Parking at the Long Reef Surf Club I ran the remainder of the way to a group of red rocks I had discovered a few weeks before. First I concentrated on a lone rock composing to include the now brilliant peach coloured sky. The remnants of anti-crepuscular rays can just be seen to the left on the horizon. When the light show started to fade and the best of the light had all but gone the underside of the clouds glowed a deep purple. It was truly amazing, in my excitement a wave caught me out soaking both myself and my camera. At that stage I didn’t care, the light was great and I had captured the shots I set out to take.

Long Reef - Dee Why Beach
Long Reef, photographed from Dee Why Beach

Long Reef, photographed from Dee Why Beach

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