Stockton Beach Sand dunes Worimi Conservation Lands

Stockton Beach Sand dunes Worimi Conservation Lands

by Lee Duguid, April 8, 2013
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After teaching Photoshop up in Newcastle I thought it would be rude not to squeeze in a shoot. What better place to spend some precious photography time than at the mightily impressive Stockton Beach and its towering sand dunes. This is the second time I’ve been to Stockton and it still fills me with giddiness and excitement, unusual for me. I can’t believe we have such a cool place so close to Sydney. Unfortunately with the current 4WD restrictions, shooting the dunes has become difficult.

If you haven’t been to this impressive location access is by 4 Wheel Drive (or 2WD for the brave) via Anna Bay or Lavis Lane. The Lavis Lane entry is definitely 4WD only with a very bumpy soft sand start, lots of fun for those who enjoy off roading. Anna Bay puts you straight on the hard sand close to the ocean, easy access to most of the 32km of sand dunes. As you head further South towards the Sygna shipwreck the going gets tough with softer sand. Access to the dunes is now limited with the local government placing restrictions after a big storm erroded a lot of the sand on the water front. For the latest updates visit

To find the good dunes you now need to trek inland on foot for a while leaving the car on the water front. At least you are somewhat guaranteed the dunes will be pristine and untouched, great for photography.

Stockton Beach Sand Dunes, Australia

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