Val de Loire, France

Val de Loire, France

by Lee Duguid, October 15, 2014
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The impressive landscape of France’s famous and well visited Loire Valley or Val de Loire as it is known by the French speakers (I’m getting there) is a beauty with many facets. The Loire region has a vast number of wineries along with stunning old towns, Châteaux (Castles to you an I), fields of photogenic sunflowers and bags of charm.

I’ve always wanted to come away with a good vineyard shot but haven’t had much success until now, even after countless visits to Hunter Valley in Australia. So here’s a shot taken near our accommodation on the outskirts of Le Coudray-Macouard.

To paint you a picture I got up well before sunrise to scout out a suitable composition. I had spotted this tree from the car the day before and thought it had potential but wasn’t sure on the angles. If this was no good there were plenty of sunflower fields around I was sure to find something. So off I drove down a dirt road to explore the area.

I parked the car short of the tree after spotting a deer eating grass. Of course they never hang around long enough to get a shot off, especially when the camera is in the boot.


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