Have your photography skills come to a plateau? Or have you just bought a dSLR and can only shoot in fully automatic? Learn how to creatively capture the places you visit, the people you see, your friends, children or some awesome seascapes or landscape photography of your own. Lee now has a variety of capture courses to suit those just starting out who want to take great family photos through to the proficient landscape photographers.



Learn an arsenal of transferable skills, empowering you with the knowledge to edit your photos giving them real pop and a professional look! Lee guides you using Photoshop, Camera RAW, Autopano Pro through each and every step of the process with his best practice techniques.

See how Lee achieves the results you see through out this website in his structured and detailed videos and eBooks. Lee has spent years refining and honing his techniques so why waste your own time when you can get it right first time.


photography course Nice, France


Let Lee remotely instruct you using your very own computer and software in this home-based learning experience. Lee, using remote viewing software can securely connect to your computer and using your images guide you step by step through the techniques he uses in creating his amazing photography. Buy now and book in a time.

Select the number of hours you would like with Lee and press the ‘add to cart’ button to proceed to the secure payment facility. On payment, you will be redirected to a booking form to select a time and date for tuition. Lee will then send you a confirmation email with further instructions to follow on the day. It is really very easy, you don’t even need to install any software. Lee will be able to connect through your internet web browser. Once connected Lee can show you exactly what buttons to click, what sliders to slide and teach you tips and tricks to really make your images pop. Lee will use your photos, your own computer and your software. If you don’t have any photo editing software instead you can connect to Lee and enjoy a similar experience. From start to finish Lee will show you how to process your images and output them correctly for print or web including correct sharpening methods, and colour management.

Lee is proficient in Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, Adobe Camera RAW, Photomatix, and AutoPano Pro. If you have other software please advise Lee when booking.

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