India 2016

India 2016

by Lee Duguid, May 18, 2016
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | other projects | India 2016

I finally made it to India! So happy to have visited this magical country all be it for a brief time. It has given me a taste the country and left me wanting more. With limited shooting time I decided to take a car away from the obvious and less interesting tourist spots. Instead I headed straight to ‘real’ India which lay about 3 hours drive South West of Bengaluru (aka Bangalore). Real India took the form of the countryside, its people and its small rural villages. It was an amazing experience to see life in these places. Houses were made of wood, mud, cow dung, straw, banana leaves, anything really. They were simple shelters and housed many generations of a family in what seemed to be a harmonious and happy environment. It’s a simple life and people were incredibly happy and friendly. They graciously let me experience and photograph their lives all be it for a very short time.

Here are a few photographs from my short visit. India, I will return.

carrying water road India

cleaning dishes woman India colourful home

elderly lady and child India

farmer with bulls India

girl cow colourful dress India

husband wife India colourful home

India village life man woman child

large family india

religious man piercing India portrait

man selling flowers offerings India

man selling fruit market India

market elderly woman vegetables

mother child rural life India

moustache man india south

religious man piercing India

smiling woman India colourful home

sugarcane straw india

tuk tuk auto driver India

woman animal feed straw india

woman cows rural life India

woman leading cows india tractor

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