Portrait Photography, The Edit

Portrait Photography, The Edit

by Lee Duguid, September 4, 2012
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I had the pleasure of photographing The Edit girls recently up at Middle Head, Sydney. These talented girls have an amazing fashion blog and were in need of some professional head and group shots for an industry awards nomination.

After giving up on my remote triggers I hooked up a sync cable and shot with a mixture of natural and flash light. For this type of photography the Canon 70-200mm F2.8 @F2.8 really comes into its own . It makes carrying that extra few kg’s whilst out shooting landscapes worth while. If I could justify buying the 85mm F1.2 I would but really there isn’t much use for it in the type of work I do. The 70-200mm at longer focal lengths gives me a sufficiently shallow depth of field to through the background out. Not that I really need to at Middle Head, the textures and different setups you can do at this location make it a great spot for a bit of fashion work.

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