Time-lapse Tilt-shift Cole Classic

Time-lapse Tilt-shift Cole Classic

by Lee Duguid, March 1, 2012
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | timelapse | Time-lapse Tilt-shift Cole Classic

I’m pleased to finally release this years Cole Classic time-lapse tilt-shift video. Thanks to Danny Irvine for helping me out on this one, between us we managed to get some interesting perspectives and sequences. Danny drove down from the Central Coast to meet me at 5.30am, quite an achievement considering I struggled to roll out my bed and down the stairs. We headed into Manly and proceeded to shoot for the next 4 hours.

[vimeo clip_id=”37637240″ width=”600″ height=”” vspace=”25″]
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time-lapse tilt-shift ebook

This short video is made up of over 2000 still images shot at intervals of 1 second. Each frame was then ’tilted’ or selectively blurred to give it that interesting miniature look and played back at 10fps to speed it all up. If you would like to learn how I achieved this effect I will be releasing an eBook including video tutorials by the end of March. Please subscribe to my newsletter, or become a Facebook fan for updates regarding its release. Alternatively book in for a two hour private photography lesson and mention you would like to learn time lapse and pick it up for free.

The tilt-shift time-lapse eBook includes video and written tutorials on equipment, image capture, camera setup, through to processing and exporting video in Photoshop.

For information on Australia’s largest Ocean swim check out the Cole Classic website….see you next year!

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Comment from Fiona K
Time: March 2, 2012, 8:31 am

Well done… what a fantastic video and clever use of stills!

Comment from J K
Time: March 2, 2012, 11:47 pm

What a great representation of the Cole Classic! Well done. Love it!

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