Animal tracks Parc national du Mercantour

Animal tracks Parc national du Mercantour

by Lee Duguid, September 24, 2014
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Weather in the mountains is hard to predict. Not that I did any research, I had my trip planned and I would photograph the landscape with what ever weather I was presented with. For this trip I arrived in the midst of one of the seasons last snow falls. The sky was a white out, winds were up and snow was blasting in my face. For me this was perfect, bad weather makes for interesting photos and is a preference over nice blue skies. I like producing simple and moody images such as this one.

A short climb from my nights accommodation at the nearby La Madone de Fenestre Refuge (much nicer than it sounds) I came upon this amazing scene. As an extra dimension to the image a fox or wolf or chamois or whatever you get in the Southern French Alps had kindly walked up to this lone tree and off in to the distance. I explored many compositions and took many photographs here. I knew it had potential however I struggled without snow shoes and found myself sinking waist deep in the snow. I took my time and made sure I covered the angles well.

I entered this image to the annual AIPP APPA awards hence why it has taken me so long to post. More on that in my next blog post. You’ll be glad to know it was received well by the judges and was awarded a Silver Award.

Winter is almost upon us in the Northern hemisphere once again, and I look forward to some trips to the snow. Seeing all the snow in Australia this last season and the resulting photos I can’t wait get out there. I just bought a new Scarp 2 4 season tent so would like to test it out over the next few weeks before seeing how it fairs in the cold of winter.


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