Kings Canyon - Northern Territory, Australia

Kings Canyon

by Lee Duguid, July 30, 2013
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Finally a trip to Australia’s Northern Territory! Since first arriving on Australia’s shores in 2003 I have travelled the East and West coast quite extensively. It has only taken me 10 years but I finally made it to the famous, photographers paradise of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon in Australia’s red centre.

Arriving at Kings Canyon well before sunrise was interesting. It’s always a bit worrying arriving to a location where you have no idea what to expect or where you need to go in the dark. It wasn’t even that obvious, all I knew was that if I wanted to look into the gorge I would probably have to be up high. Stumbling through the dark (yes I forgot my torch) I soon found some steps, some very steep steps, and started to climb.

I haven’t spent much time in the Outback so I love this alien landscape. Everything seems so magical to me as things do before complacency sets in. At the top of ‘Heart Attack Hill’, the apt name for the steps I had just climbed the ridge line to the West started to glow red as the sun rose in the East. A bit of luck but perfect timing on my part to capture this colour with the setting moon behind.

Kings Canyon, Moonset & Sunrise

The sunlight started to creep into the canyon kissing the Canyons rim with warm light. It was great to spend some time on my own at this location in the cooler temperatures before the tourists and flys return.

Life can be very precarious in this part of the world, I just love how this tree found a way growing out of the rock face clinging onto the edge.

Kings Canyon Tree

At the end of the day as the sunsets below the horizon again the rocks light up with the last rays of light. These brief windows of beauty are gone all to soon but really made this trip memorable for me.

Last light, Kings Canyon

Gnarled tree, Kings Canyon

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