La Madone de Fenestre Mercantour France

La Madone de Fenestre Mercantour France

by Lee Duguid, July 22, 2014
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | travel stories | La Madone de Fenestre Mercantour France

After a restless night in Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre I was last to get out of bed and out the door, it was still half an hour before sunrise. I’ll say it again, got to love these mountain people….who needs sleep. It was the end of the season so the snow had formed a hard crust from melting in the sun. This is something I learnt from one of said mountain people. Thankfully it allowed me to get around with relative ease without the use of snow shoes. Scaling up the side of a mountain in hiking boots and slippery waterproof trousers is precarious business. I made sure of my footing with each step and inches my way to this composition. Next season I must invest in snow shoes!

The snow had come to rest on a scree slope which was void of trees giving beautiful clean lines and was a great contrast to the tree covered mountains in the distance.

The decent was a mixture of careful footing and sliding on my backside, I knew I wore the slippery pants for something!


See my previous image from this stunning area. I also recorded a short iPhone movie from the this very location…that is until my phone decided it was too cold for it to work.

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