Sunflowers, Loire Valley, France

Sunflowers, Loire Valley, France

by Lee Duguid, August 14, 2014
LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | travel stories | Sunflowers, Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley in France was more than just some fancy Chateau’s (photos to come), it was beautiful countryside too. The drive there from Paris reminded me of the UK actually. Everything was so green…and it was raining. I didn’t realise how much agriculture is there, and so close to Paris. Fields of sunflowers, wheat, corn, and who knows what is everywhere. However finding the right the right sunflower field isn’t always easy. In fact I discovered that photographing sunflowers is an art form in itself. They move side to side in the wind with their big beautiful stupid heads. Thankfully these two stayed still long enough for me to grab a shot before the sunset had completely gone.

I couldn’t tell you where this one was taken, the rush was on to find a suitable field or any field for that matter in time for sunset. The sunflower fields had decided to hide when I needed them.

For the photographers this is a single exposure, I used three different exposures from ACR to achieve such a massive dynamic range. Who needs these high megapixel, high dynamic range Nikon cameras? My Canon 5DMKIII will do just fine thanks!

Sunflowers, Loire Valley, France

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